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Web Site Optimization Examples

Perhaps you've read a couple online sites or you already hired supposed search engine optimization consultants. There currently are a number of things I consider "bad practices" which I believe show half-done or un-natural web site optimization efforts.

Four "bad marketing practices" I see most often are

1. The same title over almost all pages

2. Only the title is has the right keywords - no optimized content (links, alt text, body text).

3. Flash or graphic only pages
[ You've seen them before! ]

4. Zealous optimization techniques which search engines (once found) may consider spam. This includes using an abundance of virtual domains or creating multiple web sites under different domains with similar content.

Try searching google for "biotech headhunter" (virtual domains issue) or look at the different results that come up under "los angeles florist" You'll see multiple pages that have similar "search" pages and one doorway page site.

In short, just make your page have good, relevant content - natural search engine optimization is the best for the long run.

Contact Me to be pointed to some specific examples of good sites and bad sites.



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