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Web Site

Web Site Design, Search Engine Positioning, and Network/Security/Computer Consulting

If you are thinking, I need someone in helping me "get my web site on a search engine and get ranking high" please contact me for more information. I can help develop you a new web site, improve an old web site, and also increase your web site's search engine rankings.

General web site design rates start at $45/hour.

Discounts can be provided for non-profit organizations.

Web Site Design

I have a number of web design consultants available do to web sites for small-medium businesses. These sites can include restaurants, auto repair web sites, local businesses, print shops, and more. E-commerce and database programming also available.

Search Engine Rankings

I can provide search engine optimization services including keyword research, content change, link analysis, link requesting, ppc management, and a search engine optimization report.

Email me with your site, potential keywords, and competitor sites and I will respond with an estimate of the amount of work needed.

For sites who already have pages optimized for conversion rate (people who come to your site will buy your services or products), I estimate that I will need 20-30 hours of general work on your site the first 4-6 months.

Per Site Costs

Basic Custom Plan (recommended for small restaraunts or small businesses with a local audience)

7-15 hour contract.

Additional work at $45+/hour

General search engine optimization Keyword research

Revise up to 3 pages ?titles, content Advise special topical article(s) to capture additional types of search engine traffic Submission to major search engines ?Yahoo, Dmoz, MSN, etc. Advise (not request) directories and sites to be linked from.

Work up to 4 months with client.

Work afterwards requires minimum monthly commitment of one of the following plans (silver, gold, or platinum)

The following plans are recommended for small-medium sized businesses with a national audience or locale-specific businesses in large metropolitan areas (restaurants in SF).

Silver Plan
Research up to 5 keyword phrases for site (focus on 1-3)
Revise 3 pages ?titles, content
Advise 1 special topical article to capture additional types of search engine traffic
Submission to major search engines ?Yahoo, Dmoz, MSN, etc. Advise (not request) up to 10 other directories and sites to be linked from.

6 month minimum contract

Gold Plan
Research up to 10 keyword phrases (focus on 2-4)
Revise 5 pages
Advise (not request) up to 15 directories and sites to be linked from
Advise 2 special topical articles to capture additional types of search engine traffic
Submission to major search engines ?Yahoo, Dmoz, MSN, etc.
1200 setup fee (covers first two months of work, up to 20 hours work first two months).
6 month minimum contract

Platinum Plan
Research up to 15 keyword phrases (focus on 4-6)
Revise up to 8 pages Advise (not request) up to 25 directories and sites to be linked from
Advise 3 special topical articles to capture additional types of search engine traffic
Submission to major search engines ?Yahoo, Dmoz, MSN, etc.
6 month minimum contract

Site Search Engine Optimization Report (recommended for very large sites)
Research up to 10 keyword phrases
Advise site changes on
- site architecture
- title
- meta-tags
- content
- link analysis
- link campaign suggestions
- directory and site listings
- 2 article topical suggestions $500.00 flat fee


Link Requesting
Minimum 5 hour contract At $45/hour, I can make requests to the sites I suggested to link from (related sites). Each link request will most likely take about 15 minutes to make/each.

Network, Security, and Computer Consulting
We can provide network security, installation, and troubleshooting services to both businesses and individuals. Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Firewall, Wireless Networks, Routers, Switches, Hubs, experience and more.

All other services, including requesting additional links for sites, and general computer consulting work at quote basis.

edward@edwardtsai.com - LA, SD SEO Consultant








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