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Los Angeles Internet Marketing Strategy and Web Site Design Consultants

Free advice on how to achieve great internet visibility, fast web site performance, search engine site optimization, and internet/computer technology advice for non-profit organizations. Edward Tsai provides optimization and marketing services to help your site become a powerful, well-visited marketing tool.

Web Site Performance
Great web site performance is more necessary than ever. Revenue is lost every year because of poor site performance - many people won't wait 15 seconds to for a web page to appear. This site discusses how to improve, monitor, and test web site performance through third-party products, services, and common-sense.

Access my free Web Site Performance Analysis Primer.

Higher Search Engine Rankings - information on search engine optimization and marketing and search engine submission leading to higher ranking in search engines in an affordable manner.

Web Site Design and Computer Technology Primer - Free advice on management computer technology and use of internet - web design and web hosting. Recommendation of tools and resources for non-profits, Christian organizations ( churches and missionaries, etc. ) and government organizations.

I hope the document is helpful to you. If your company is interested in improving web site performance and would be interested in more detailed explanation and consulting before you make a decision, please contact me at edward@edwardtsai.com.

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I can help your web site become an effective sales and marketing tool that will generate leads, create brand recognition, and sell the customer on your products.


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Copyright September 2002 - Edward S. Tsai - All rights reserved.
Los Angeles, CA 90034 (Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization, Torrance, Westwood, Santa Monica)

Edward S. Tsai makes no claims about and is not responsible for the accuracy, appropriateness, or effectiveness of the advice given and products and services listed in this site. All information on this site is provided as-is with no guarantees. All trademarks are property of their respective companies.

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